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Published Austin Texas model/Make-up artist Talisha Kaye started out being employed with many top name cosmetic brands over the years. Beginning as a freelance makeup artist on her own, thenbecoming employed with a few major companies along the way, she definitely has honed and her perfected craft. Now representing a solidified business owner, she still finds new and innovative ways to express herself through her artistry. This self taught make up artist is still determined to follow her dreams, making the world beautiful one face at a time!


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It’s important to represent your brand with quality, especially if you’re a vendor. Talisha Kaye of knows her brand – Glam. So when a professional portrait photographer and an amazing makeup artist put our heads together, we came up with images that expressed just that. We headed to downtown Austin, with the purpose of developing brand photography, because ultimately she IS her brand. Turns out we got so many great shots it was hard to decide what to post. If you have business, if you have a personal brand, lets have conversation focusing on how to make your brand shine. By the way, you can see the rest of the images here:      

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