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Food Photography

 More than 4 out of 5 diners surveyed mentioned ‘large photographs’ as desirable design elements on restaurant websites. While food photography is specialized and can be expensive, it’s well worth the investment.

-Eric & Carin Oliver
“What diners really want from restaurants”

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Quality Images

Quality images are one of the most important marketing tools you can use to get new customers through your doors. 

High quality images are essential to grabbing the attention of the clients you want. They are essential to telling the story of and portraying the intended image of your brand.
Invest in your business, and your brand.

Let us help you create a look that will get their mouths watering and butts seated at your tables. We are here to help you create the craving before they even walk through the door.


Get a 12 Month Marketing Calendar Complete With Branded Imagery

When you consider that 65% of people are visual learners, 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual, and presentations with visual aides are 43% more persuasive, it makes sense to use content types which people have an innate psychological resonance with.                                                               – Kissmetrics

We have had the opportunity to work with business owners in a diverse array of markets. Armed with this experience, we can offer a wide variety of ideas and custom marketing materials that will have the greatest amount bang for your buck.

 How does your business show up in your market.

This is a question that is crucial to the success of your business.
 Professional images can be used for many purposes:

Your Business’ Website

Social Media


Table Top Advertising

Newspaper or Magazine Ads

Press Releases


All of these should be a strong reflection of your business brand, and can be with the right amount of help.

“Restaurants will see more options in paid and earned social media marketing strategies. Social media will become even more important to your restaurant because it can impact your customers at every stage of their journey, from discovery through purchase.” –Restaurant Social Media Marketing Trends


Marinated beef

…The results reveal that for common descriptive food names, adding pictures have a positive effect on consumers’ attitudes toward the menu item, their willingness to pay and their purchase intentions.It allows your to brand to become more than just a place to eat food, enabling guests to relate to your business outside mealtime. Use social media as an extension of the guest experience, solidifying your brand loyalty from guest’s mobile devices.”– Kendal Austin on creating a consistent voice. 

You eat first with your eyes, then your nose, then your mouth.

How Can We Help

“Visual content taps into the visceral psyche of your audience, encouraging them to discover more about your brand. If you can generate high quality visual content which truly resonates with people and promote it on a regular basis, the reputation and awareness of your brand is sure to skyrocket.”- Kissmetrics.

If you don’t know by now, social media is the great equalizer. Because of the internet and social media your business has  many of the same opportunities to reach potential clients  as multi-million dollar companies. However, the playing field isn’t exactly equal. The content  you provide can make or break your campaign goals. Here is how we help:

Our strategy is to CONSUME, CREATE, and CONNECT.

We take into account all the options available to reach your set goals, create branded images, and specific tactics to connect with your client base.   


marinated salmon in open flame
Tea Ceremony Rose Sangria and Le Citron

The promise

Our sessions are about creating mouth watering images, with the goal of selling your food in mind.   We firmly believe that customers eat with their eyes first, then nose, and finally mouth. We want them to crave your food every time they take a look. Let us help you take the needed steps to create a solid brand identity  for you and your business

squash and chicken appetizers
chocolate and caramel covered apples

Now more than ever, your online presence is key to your restaurants survival. Your online menu, your social media, your website, they all need amazing images.

Download my food portfolio HERE 


Eric Coleman understands the marketing importance of good food photography. High-quality images hold people’s attention and tell the story of a business, and Eric’s food photography is intended to help get people seated in restaurants. His food displays focus completely on the dish in frame, with strong side lighting to highlight every texture of the plated food.

By focusing less on details of setting and entirely on the food in the frame, Eric’s images create a strong sense of brand. Details are important in this kind of imagery, and Eric captures it all. If you’re a restaurant and need images that will promote your company image, as well as make people hungry, then Eric is one of the best Austin food photographers that you could work with.


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