Distant Learners Picture Day


Book your 10 minute shoot for $10

Some kids haven’t been in a school building for almost a year, they’ve missed out on some of the regular things we take for granted. School pictures are one of those things we as parents don’t think about until the little envelope shows up. Refrigerators across America are missing those little faces! Let’s fix it.

We are holding 10 minute outside and  socially distanced micro-sessions.  Claim a spot, have the shoot, sign up on the website to find out when your images are ready then buy  what you like.  The process is that simple.

Held at Willow Bend Park For Grades K -12 

Book your session February 13 & 27

The 10 minute session will be outside, and in one location. We suggest you arrive 20 minutes early,  stay in your car until the session before yours is taking pictures. Once the sessions before yours ends walk up, shoot then head back to your vehicle. If you have questions please remember them and ask via email after your shoot. We want to make sure everyone stays safe and does not come in contact with other families.

  1.  Pick a time/ date and book  your session  HERE or the form below.
  2. Use this code PGAP78698  HERE to find out when the images are ready
  3. Create and purchase your print package. 

We keep your  images private. 

We understand that not everyone wants images of their children readily accessible on the internet. The service used  uses facial recognition software which only allows you access to YOUR  images. You are instructed to take and  upload a cell phone picture of your person. The site will then match that picture with pictures in the album.