Creating content with Chef Yazz
Creating content with Chef Yazz
Creating content with Chef Yazz

Creating content with Chef Yaz

Create your own content.

It doesn’t cost a thing

So yesterday I was in a meeting  with a few other entrepreneurs, and the subject of marketing came up.  Of course marketing is important to any business and should take some serious time and consideration to develop, but does it always take money? No. As a service provider,  as a business owner part of my job is to educate potential clients. I want to be the go to guy for branding, and especially all things visual branding. Yes that is a lofty goal, but a goal none the less. Besides, who says all your goals have to be attainable anyway? Content can be created by teaching potential customers or clients about what it is you do, how you do it, or why you do it.and guess what.. you can do that for free.

Creating content with Chef Yazz

Let them know you are the expert in your field…

        Chef Yazz is an excellent chef. She has a ton of knowledge about how to prepare healthy foods because of formal training, and living a healthy lifestyle. Because of this she decided to open Geaux Fresh-N-Fit, a meal prep business for the diehard fitness person that wants great food. Unfortunately, like a lot of creatives, she excels at what she does, but not at turning passion into profit. Loving what you are doing , but not seeing the success you deserve is heart breaking. Her problem was not her craft, it was finding her true customers, among a few other issues… ahem.. brand schizophrenia… but we are working to fix that!

        We decided it was time to build credibility by creating content of value. We started with the imagery, because people eat with their eyes first. Yes, that costs money. Good imagery costs good money; but thats not all the plan entails. It doesn’t cost Chef anything to leverage her creativity by putting D.I.Y. recipes, cooking tips, and tricks online. It doesn’t cost anything to start a health cooking Facebook group or periscope to gather like minds. The trick is not to push for a sell every time you come around. No one likes to be sold to, but if you provide a resource to fuel a passion your true clients will search you out.

 Don’t Chase Butterflies. Build a Garden, They’ll Come to You.

Creating content with Chef Yazz

Have a question about healthy foods… #askchefyazz costs her zero dollars. Building relationships, however, is worth a lot. Leverage your talents with social media to become the go to person in your industry. If and when that new diet comes out, Chef Yazz can lend her expertise to help suss out the facts from fiction- doesn’t cost her a dime. Put out interesting content, people will gravitate to you. Let them get to know, like, and trust you or your brand, they will spend money with you as soon as they can. Plus, guess what, there wont be a sales pitch anywhere in sight.

Stop what you are doing right now, and go write 12 – 24 one sentence topics like this (but in your industry):

  • What to eat instead of..
  • Whats healthier a or b..
  • 5 things you should never do with (blank)….
  • 3 ingredients you thought would never go together but….

By the way Chef Yazz is the truth in the kitchen.. These meals were excellent ! Omg the ginger lime and coconut sauce!!! I didn’t stand a chance!

Creating content with Chef Yazz

Work with me 

As always if you would like to know more about developing your personal or business brand, please feel free to reach out. If you want an idea on where to look for topics, drop me a line here…

Creating content with Chef Yazz